Bexcell® CRM

For Pharmaceutical Cross Functional teams
Who aspire to driving performance and accelerate growth
Bexcell CRM is the next generation world class business solution that provides the quick and relevant information and diagnosis at the right level and time to driving actions,
unlike general CRMs and traditional operations.
Bexcell CRM is designed for today and tomorrow to meet Pharma challenging market requirements and internal strategic vision through:

Bexcell Has A Proven Capability To Address All The
Pharma Business NeedsIn CRM


Best in class user experience with simple tools that provide the right capability at the right time.

Easy access through full Global Pharma specific KPIs that are built based on international KPIs and guidelines for Pharma industry

Flexibility with a system that is easy to deploy and update


The first and only Pharma CRM that have fully automated administrative interface that allows full management of all aspects of business across the 3 available channels* from one single location

Agile system which can respond quickly to external and internal business opportunities, changes and challenges

Agility to make changes in days from the admin interfaces



Could be used everywhere (multi device access)

Timely cross functional visibility and referral of all customer interactions

Cost efficiency

Ability to use low cost devices or install it on any set of devices

Cloud based so no IT burden and complexities.

Specific server for each client that allows full data privacy and protection

Bexcell CRM Benefits

Customer Management

Customer Management

o Ensures full data management for all customers in one repository where information is shared easily between personnel.

o Supports view of history interactions/ engagements with the customer to ensure faster movement on the adoption level.

o Facilitates the planning of daily calls on customers for present and any time in the future. This also done on different practical filters

o Allows adding/removing customers, link customers to different teams to visit, changing all details of customers including location through its simple automated admin interface.

o Provides all the full and easy access to customer information that is the foundation for any future digital marketing projects.

Calls Planning and Submission

Calls Planning and Submission

Very simple user experience when it comes to call deployment and submission through pre-created and dynamic list of values

o Supports review and monitoring of all customer interactions with full details during any period on the Structural Reporting Tree

o Easy capture of brands detailed, samples, internal attendees and promotional items

o Color coding for different types of call status to facilitate access

o Facilitates identifying call gaps on customers at the different segment levels and working on them.

Brand & Samples Management

Brand & Samples Management

Allows adding, modify brand between reps, and changing all information related to brands in the organization through its simple automated admin interface.

o Full Management of Samples and monitoring at both individual, team and corporate levels.

oTotal view of samples dropped across all business levels including customer, specialty, territory, period, and segment as individual or in combination levels

o Supports management of samples tracking which helps to control inventory

o Helps the organization to perform at high standards of ethical and compliant interactions for samples

Time Management

Time Management

Full time Management for both personal and business through easy way

o Full reporting of personal and business time management during any period at different reporting structural tree.

o Color coding for different types of time management status to facilitate access

o Full management of work/off days at the company level at anytime during the year through its simple automated admin interface.

Territory Management

Territory Management

Facilitates planning of activities and taking actions in different territories.

o Ability to identify gaps in quantitative inputs at the territory level to drive actions.

o Ability to compare quantitative inputs of territory vs third party references and competition.

Allows full control of different levels of area structure with adding, modifying territories between reps through its simple automated admin interface.

Tasks Management

Tasks Management

Facilitates assigning tasks to different levels in the organization either horizontal, vertical or combined both one-to-one or one-to-many

o Allows task workflow overview to ensure all assigned tasks are completed both for the task owner and receiver.

o Allows tracking of pending tasks through one simple click view.

Quick View Operational Dashboard

Quick View Operational Dashboard

Helps one click view for the pending calls, Time management categories on one dashboard to facilitate taking direct actions.

o Facilitates the view of the new and different pending tasks that need to be accomplished.

o Ability to see today’s reminders

Coaching View and Management

Coaching View and Management

Full Coaching Planning, Management and Monitoring

o Coaching time spend for each of the First Line Managers across different cycles in the year (time spend coaching, total coaching calls done and average coaching calls per day)

o  Facilitate monitoring of coaching spend on the Situational Leadership Model.

Full Reporting System

Full Reporting System

Powered with Global Pharma specific KPIs that are built based on international KPIs and guidelines for Pharma industry*.

Easy access for all reports at different levels of business and organization (team, employee, territory, specialty, brand ..etc)

o Facilitates the full view of the structural reporting tree (Managers can see all their employees)

o Ensures easy diagnosis and addressing gaps with fast actions to drive performance

o Facilitate effective decision making based on real business intelligence, customer insights and KPIs of business data

o Easy export to excel for any generated report for extra work.

Business Interface

Available on both Android and IOS operating systems as well as website

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