Bexcell® CRM
The next generation of SFA/CRM System specialized for Pharma and Medical device companies and their cross-functional teams, it is designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow by addressing the market requirements as well as strategic vision.

Bexcell accomplish this by



  • Agile system which can respond quickly to business opportunities and challenges(i.e scalability)
  • Agility to make changes in days or weeks


  • Simplification of the user experience with simple tools that provide the right capability at the right time (users)
  • Flexibility with a system that is easy to deploy and update (admin)


  • Online/Offline
  • Could be used everywhere (multi access)
  • Timely cross functional visibility and referral of customer interactions
cost effeciency

Cost efficiency

  • Ability to use low cost devices or install it on any set of devices
  • Cloud based so no IT burden and complexities.